Monday, August 12, 2013

we are THREE!

 The girls had a phenomenal 3rd birthday party
thanks to so many wonderful friends and of course family.
We are so blessed to have met these people. Being so far from our families 
and experiencing all the same trials and reliefs, gives us an immediate connection. There are a few of us left that have been together since the guys first got to the fleet. The longer we are in, the more brave I get at meeting new people and then sometimes old friends even pop back in your life making this whole military life that much easier.

{back to the party post}

My mom was the whole reason for this party. Because, I have to admit, it took me awhile to get into the Princess/Hello Kitty theme. And luckily, my mom and wonderful Nana were able to fly in for the party and to spoil me the kids US rotten! Thank you for everything. EVERYONE that thought of my baby girls on their big day!

 {a bit obsessed with these blue mason jars from Target}

{the girls celebrating a few days earlier on their actual birthday}

They were still anxiously waiting for their new big girl bikes that they SO desperately wanted for over a month... and test riding them at the stores every day of the week.  

Go figure, they switched bikes a few days later. Now Riley has the princess one and Emma took the Barbie.
(these girls wear me out)

And of course this is all the pictures I could come up with. 
(remind me to charge the battery before a party next time)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

hashtag city


#rainboot #princess #choochoos

#cleaneating promotes better eating.
#thisiswhatsleft #byebyebananas


#goodreads #wayne

 We are done with diapers!

 #yummy #pompom #prettyfruit

"hot, hot, hot... hot chocolate"
(polar express song that the girls sing every time they hear "hot chocolate")

#spinachsmoothy #cutefruitjars #anthrobutterdish

Thursday, January 10, 2013

my husband

Is pretty cool.

Loves comfy clothes.

All of a sudden loves to clean.

Always makes me laugh... especially when I'm trying to be cranky.

Has the kindest heart.

Loves his entire family. ---yes, every single one of you back in the great state of Oklahoma.

Needs healthy foods and veggies hidden in foods... just like our toddlers.
{Spinach in his smoothie yesterday... he said I deceived him... ha}

Enjoys researching and trying new, local beers.
{They are called "fun" when I bring him home a new one)

Is jealous of my new phone.

Is feeling cheated on... since I didn't come home with another Iphone.

Is going to drive our girls crazy as teenagers... and as two year olds.

Despises jeans.

Loves his Cowboys. #gopokes

And loves my hashtags.

Has incredible faith.

And great knowledge... of weird things like history and movies.

Loves Cherry Coke.

Has spent 70% of his time either training or deployed.

Is my better half... like really... I'm the bad half and he is the better one.

Is still asleep upstairs while I type this (on my new phone) and I let the kids throw cereal everywhere.

Is a mommas boy... and I love it.
{I'm the daughter in law version of a mommas boy}

Never gets to watch Espn anymore.

Prefers cold weather.

Is turning into his father... which is hilarious and incredible at the same time!

And with that I am finished gloating... I know I've done a post like this before but he has been absolutely amazing since coming home. 9 months away and he jumped right in like he had never left.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Merry Christmas baby...

...sure did treat me right!
{name which wonderful set of guys sang these words}

The making of pumpkin chiffon pie
The deliciousness of said pie 

 Our "one" Christmas Eve gift 

The beauty of the aftermath... 

We had a truly blessed Christmas together... with our favorite Mr. Johnson... in our new home... because of our Lord and Savoir!
{consider this our Christmas/holiday card to you... I was a little preoccupied this year}

back for the new year

Somehow I forgot to blog while Jake was deployed... 
(or maybe chasing after three toddlers kept me away)
...whatever the case, I'm back!

Here's to hoping I'm not too rusty at this.
 Or that my creative juices continue to be inspired by fellow bloggers.

As we begin the new year we are together... finally!

I am going to attempt a photo a day challenge for the year of 2013
{the challenge being just taking a picture a day... any picture}

Go Pokes!

Seems appropriate, Hunter.

 Hey Wayne!
{do NOT add 'little' to his name or Jake will request another name change}

Anthropology candle

Kale chips- yummo!
{I stood alone with this delish snack though}

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A party post: a tad bit late

This year for Hunter's 3rd birthday we let him "pick" the theme!

Toy Story, DUH!!

To be honest, it took me a while to get excited to plan for this... I totally did NOT want the typical Disney Toy Story plates and all the other character covered party gear! So, to the help of Pinterest and a dozen party blogs, I was able to take bits and pieces of things I loved and tried to use them in our party.
{the party planning in my head always looks better than how it actually turns out}
Anywho, here's how it turned out!

                                                               Yummy Hideaway Pizza
                                                          PB&J's in sheriff badge shapes
                                                            Veggies and Fruit with dips

Chocolate Mr. Potato Head Mustaches
S'more marshmallow pops
Cake box cookies
Cupcake shooters
Sweet D's birthday cake
Candy: Lemon drops, hot tamales, and cotton candy

Photo booth fun!

Things to do:
Pony rides
Jupiter jump fun
"there's a snake in my boot" snake toss game
Pinata full of slinky dogs, raisins, m&m's, Toy Story fruit snacks and goldfish!

Woody even showed up to greet the birthday boy!
{thanks for shaving, Woody}

All in all, Hunter had a blast and that's really all that matters.
Seeing him smile and enjoy every part of his party is what makes this all worth it.
I absolutely love planning these parties for my kids even though I'm rushing around like a crazy woman the day of the party and the set up never turns out quite like I expect... and I know they won't remember the elaborate dessert tables, the cute Pom Poms, the candy jars full of color coordinating candies, and mason jar glasses for drinks with adorable striped straws. I only get to throw parties like this for a few more years before they are making their own requests!

{note to future party attendee's: please TAKE all the party favors... I am hoping to shower every kid with lots of love and goodies when you all travel all the way out to our parties, please, be greedy.}